Healthy Livestock: Horse

Dopharma endorses the ‘best practice’ thoughts of EPRUMA* fully. Best practice is key to healthy animals and a healthy livestock sector. Healthy animals are essential for animal welfare, public health and optimal performance.

Good veterinary practices (GVP) is part of best practice. Examples are specific knowledge of equine diseases and diagnostics, knowledge of the working mechanism of veterinary medicinal products and extensive experience with the correct administration methods of veterinary medicinal products.

As a veterinary pharmaceutical company, Dopharma has all of the above mentioned knowledge. Furthermore, Dopharma is committed to provide a balanced range of veterinary medicinal products for horses and, where possible, to extent our portfolio with innovative products. This makes Dopharma a valuable partner for both equine veterinarians and horse owners. Some examples are:

* European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals

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We have a species-specific newsletter for horses.