First turkey symposium during Dopharma’s Year of the turkey was a success!

As part of the International Turkey Forum project, on August 26, 2021, the first symposium with a panel discussion created for practicing veterinarians specializing in turkey diseases was held at the Poledno Palace in central Poland.

The topic of the symposium was TRT and ORT diseases – main challenges and practical solutions. More than 30 veterinarians specialized in turkey diseases actively participated in this event.

Very interesting lectures were presented by Polish lecturers. Dr. Marcin Śmialek (Department of Poultry Diseases, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn; SLW BIOLAB s.c.; RB VAC sp. Z o.o.) presented practical aspects of the diagnosis and immunoprophylaxis of TRT. Second Dr. Marcin Andrzejewski from the Vet Clinic Panda in Iława shared practical information on ORT in the past and currently seen from the perspective of a field veterinarian. It was a good opportunity to exchange field experiences on these classic turkey diseases.

Finally, Dr. Marcin Śmialek and Mr. Miron Decowski (Head of Laboratory Diagnostics, RB VAC sp. Z o.o.) presented the diagnostics of some bacterial and viral diseases and rules for creating the herd specific vaccines. This lecture was seen as a significant contribution to the knowledge on this subject.

The great interest in the topics and the Turkey project was reflected by the very interesting discussion about the topics of the lectures and also other related subjects.

After the official part, there was an opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences in a less formal atmosphere.

In line with this project we already planned the next turkey meetings in other European countries and a second one in Poland which will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Preliminary topics for these meetings have already been selected in the discussion with the participants during the last meeting.

Due to the success of this first turkey symposium and the limited possibilities we had the first 7 months of this (COVID-19) year, we have concluded that not only 2021 should be the  year of the turkey. From 2021 onwards we will continue to promote the coming years as being the years of the turkey!




Brexit: East Anglian turkey farmers warn of Christmas shortage

Turkey farmers are warning they may struggle to process enough birds to meet demand at Christmas.

Producers said new temporary visa changes allowing more foreign workers to help process the poultry may be too late.

Mark Gorton who runs Traditional Norfolk Poultry said he was short of staff and may not be able to process all his turkeys in time.

Some big scale processors said they had already cut back production.

According to the British Poultry Council, Christmas turkey production has dropped by 20% because of staff shortages.

Latest Defra figures show that farms in the east of England provide 21% of the nation’s poultry.

Source & full article: Brexit: East Anglian turkey farmers warn of Christmas shortage


Turkey welfare discussed in EU meeting

During the Council meeting Agriculture and Fisheries of the Council of the European Union, turkey welfare was discussed with all member states.

The Austrian delegation provided the ministers with information about the importance of improving welfare for farmed turkeys. There are not yet any requirements for turkey welfare on the European level. This matter is now arranged with national legislation. The delegation argued that new legislation should reflect the latest scientific findings and member states’ own experiences.

One of the measures proposed by Austria is the maximum stocking density. Research commissioned by the Austrian government showed that the maximum stocking density for turkeys should not exceed 40 kilograms per square meter.

Another proposed topic is an awareness-raising campaign to improve the consumer’s understanding of animal welfare issues.

Several country delegations supported the proposal. The proposal would be in line with the Farm to Fork strategy of the European union and the demand for animal products with high welfare standards. It was agreed that scientific knowledge should form the basis for the new legislation.



Dutch turkey sector records largest decline in antibiotic use

The use of antibiotics on turkey farms in 2020 was 8.48 animal daily doses in the animal sector (DDDAS). This is a decrease of 57 percent compared to 2019, according to the report. Compared to 2011, there is a reduction of 84 percent, calculated in the old sector method. The use of third-choice veterinary medicines also dropped sharply by 62 percent to 0.64 DDDAS.

Last year, the turkey sector saw the largest decrease in antibiotic use at 57 percent, according to a report prepared by the Animal Health Service. There is a (slight) increase in laying hens and broiler breeders. Also the use in broilers, (large) mother stock laying hens and rearing (large) mother animals is declining.

Read the full article (in Dutch) on

2021: Year of the turkey

Dopharma has chosen 2021 as Year of the Turkey. In this year we will focus on turkey, as an animal which is not always in the spot light. Turkeys are important as food producing animals but they are also very special. One of our slogans is that turkeys are not big chickens and this certainly is true due to very specific requirements in farming conditions and health care. In some regions like the United States and the United Kingdom, turkeys are a certain symbol and the consumption of turkey meat a national habit especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkey meat is a low fat and healthy source of animal protein and appreciated by many people, throughout the whole year!

Dopharma has identified already years ago the importance of turkeys as food producing animals and has invested to obtain claims for these animals for their animal health products. Therefore, after several years we are one of the animal health companies with the largest portfolio for turkeys. In the past turkeys were often treated “off label” with products that had a claim for chicken due to the lack of products with an official turkey claim. This was of course a risk, looking at the safety and efficacy of those treatments. Now veterinarians and farmers can treat their animals with the safe and effective animal health products from Dopharma.

We will continue to work on this focus and reach out to our turkey customers.

And…also the years after 2021 will be turkey-years for us!!