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The ELISA test and the enigma of the single tall bar in the chart

Marcin Śmiałek, Joanna Kowalczyk, Bartłomiej Tykałowski, Andrzej Koncicki  Chair of Avian Diseases, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland ELISA tests, and serological assays in general, are highly practical tools for rapid and relatively low-cost diagnosis of infectious diseases and epidemiological monitoring of poultry flocks (also having wider application). What […]

Is vaccinating turkeys against Marek’s disease justified?

Marcin Śmiałek DVSc1, Joanna Kowalczyk DVM1, Adam Śmiałek DVM2, Prof. Andrzej Koncicki1 “Marek’s Disease (MD) is a viral disease of foraging poultry affecting chickens, Japanese quail and presently also turkeys” was the simple lead-in to the section dealing with the issue of Marek’s Disease in poultry flocks authored by Professor Elżbieta Samorek Salamonowicz in the […]

Current knowledge on TRT epidemiology, diagnosis, and immunoprophylaxis

Marcin Śmiałek DVSc1, Joanna Welenc DVM1, Prof. Andrzej Koncicki1 Avian metapneumoviruses (aMPV) are highly contagious disease agents causing upper respiratory tract infections predominantly in turkeys, but also in chickens. The disease caused by aMPV has different courses in turkeys and chickens and because of this is designated turkey rhinotracheitis (TRT) in flocks of turkeys, with […]

The significance of Aviadenoviruses in turkey pathology

Marcin Śmiałek DVSc1,2, Michał Gesek DVSc3, Bartłomiej Tykałowski DVSc 1, Joanna Welenc DVM1, Prof. Koncicki Andrzej1 Adenovirus infections are highly prevalent among birds, but nevertheless it is worth emphasising at the outset that their significance in poultry pathology is a divisive question and one where several controversies rage. These viruses have been categorised into the […]

Pendulous crop

Marcin Śmiałek, Andrzej Koncicki Chair of Avian Diseases, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland A well-functioning gastrointestinal tract providing a means of absorbing essential nutrients as required for rapid feed conversion is essential to avian health, which translates to profitability of production in large-scale poultry farming. There are many […]

Year of the turkey – we are extending!

Dopharma has chosen 2021 as Year of the Turkey. We did our best with focusing on turkey, as an animal in the spotlight. We started the project by launching https://www.dopharmaforturkeys.com, with the aim to provide you with a hub where you can find miscellaneous information about turkey health care and get in touch with turkey […]

Assigning defined daily/course doses for antimicrobials in turkeys to enable a cross-country quantification and comparison of antimicrobial use

This study presents a list of DDDturkey (Defined Daily Dose) and DCDturkey (Defined Course Doses) to allow for a species-specific, on farm quantification of AMU (antimicrobial usage) on European turkey farms. Assigning DDDturkey has shown the need for a unified European antimicrobial drug portfolio and harmonization of recommended doses across the SPCs of similar antimicrobial […]

First turkey symposium during Dopharma’s Year of the turkey was a success!

As part of the International Turkey Forum project, on August 26, 2021, the first symposium with a panel discussion created for practicing veterinarians specializing in turkey diseases was held at the Poledno Palace in central Poland. The topic of the symposium was TRT and ORT diseases – main challenges and practical solutions. More than 30 […]

Brexit: East Anglian turkey farmers warn of Christmas shortage

Turkey farmers are warning they may struggle to process enough birds to meet demand at Christmas. Producers said new temporary visa changes allowing more foreign workers to help process the poultry may be too late. Mark Gorton who runs Traditional Norfolk Poultry said he was short of staff and may not be able to process […]