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Assigning defined daily/course doses for antimicrobials in turkeys to enable a cross-country quantification and comparison of antimicrobial use

This study presents a list of DDDturkey (Defined Daily Dose) and DCDturkey (Defined Course Doses) to allow for a species-specific, on farm quantification of AMU (antimicrobial usage) on European turkey farms. Assigning DDDturkey has shown the need for a unified European antimicrobial drug portfolio and harmonization of recommended doses across the SPCs of similar antimicrobial […]

Brexit: East Anglian turkey farmers warn of Christmas shortage

Turkey farmers are warning they may struggle to process enough birds to meet demand at Christmas. Producers said new temporary visa changes allowing more foreign workers to help process the poultry may be too late. Mark Gorton who runs Traditional Norfolk Poultry said he was short of staff and may not be able to process […]

Comparing various euthanasia devices and methods on 8 and 12-week-old turkey hens

On-farm euthanasia of poultry is a necessity for minimizing disease spread and removing sick or injured birds to maintain optimum animal welfare. There are numerous methods that are approved for euthanasia of poultry; however, all approved methods are not easily carried out on-farm or as effective as one another. Therefore, the objective of this study […]

Turkey welfare discussed in EU meeting

During the Council meeting Agriculture and Fisheries of the Council of the European Union, turkey welfare was discussed with all member states. The Austrian delegation provided the ministers with information about the importance of improving welfare for farmed turkeys. There are not yet any requirements for turkey welfare on the European level. This matter is […]

5 Things I Learned About Turkey Farms

By Heather Barnes Source: https://www.agriculture.com/ Original date: 11/20/2018 This summer, I had the chance to visit a turkey farm in eastern North Carolina. I’ve worked in agriculture for almost 20 years, but this was my first visit to a turkey farm.The farm has been in the farmer’s family since 1919. Where turkey houses now stand, […]

Dutch turkey sector records largest decline in antibiotic use

The use of antibiotics on turkey farms in 2020 was 8.48 animal daily doses in the animal sector (DDDAS). This is a decrease of 57 percent compared to 2019, according to the report. Compared to 2011, there is a reduction of 84 percent, calculated in the old sector method. The use of third-choice veterinary medicines […]