A turkey is not a big chicken

Turkeys are a unique kind of poultry. They originate from the Unites States where they are native birds, but have been domesticated and many variations are used now for different purposes.

In turkey production some specific facts about physiology and behaviour are important and will ask for adapted farming compared to, for instance, chickens.

Turkeys are reared for their lean meat and this meat is consumed and appreciated all over the world. Housing, feeding and healthcare are also very different in turkeys, compared to e.g. chickens. There are specific diseases that require specific treatment or prevention. Next, turkeys are sensitive for certain changes in light fall, bedding or taste. This can make a large difference in production results.

Digestive and respiratory diseases are most often seen and can be related to many causes: bacterial, viral, parasitic, nutritional disbalance, etc. In these cases, therapy and prevention are needed with veterinary products dedicated to turkeys, where the efficacy, safety and withdrawal period have been established.


Dopharma has seen the need for those products in turkeys and has invested already many years ago to obtain licences to allow the veterinarians and farmers to treat these animals in a responsible way. As a result, we can offer you products with indications, dosage and withdrawal period authorized for turkey.

Dopharma brings to you a wide range in products and solutions with turkey as licenced target species and is aiming to be your partner in turkey health management.

Our assortment of veterinary pharmaceuticals contains:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Antiparasitics
  • Mucoregulators